We are a protein extract outfit


What is the serving size?

The serving size is .2g/Kg of body weight. Therefore if a person weighs 90 Kg then serving size for the person in 45g.

What are the directions for storage and use?

The products should be stored at a cool dry place should not be exposed to naked sunlight. The recommended serving size should be mixed with about 250 ml of water, milk or any liquid of your choice as our protein in completely soluble.

Is it completely Vegetarian?

Yes, all of OMG products are made from completely organic vegetarian sources from Germany.

Any side effects?

Since OMG Lab’s products are completely organic and hence the only side effect from using our products is a fitter and healthier customer!

Who can use the product?

The products can be used by all age groups with the recommended serving size! From grandparents to grandchildren OMG products are suited for all!

How can I get the product for a cheaper price?

That is why we have made you this coupon code: