$ 13.5 - $ 30
Creaplus is for the athletes who want to push it to the next level. Just try the OMG! advance.
Meal of Champions is for the square pegs in the round holes. Just become a champion already.
Soy Alpha is for all who want a dairy alternative protein source to complement their diets.
$ 12 - $ 112.5
Whey Alpha is not just for the fitness freaks. It is for anybody with an active lifestyle to stay in shape. Our Whey is derived from grass-fed dairy so it is better for you and the environment. Just try the OMG! difference.
$ 7.5 - $ 30
It is our patented filtered whey which can be given to anyone who wants to meet the basic protein requirement in a day. It has 60% protein in it.
$ 22.5 - $ 37.5
Ready-to-mix vegan protein powder blend made with Pea Protein Isolate (PPI) or Pea Protein Isolate with Spirulina (PPIS). Chocolate/Vanilla flavour with sweetener.